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June 26, 2010

Ciao Venezia!

Heading into Venice by train.

Poor little blog…I’ve neglected you for a week! And I meant to post this last night, but Ms. Anna offered margaritas, and I got a little distracted. So here we are, back with our regularly scheduled blog post, sans wedding photos. (Although I’m sure there will be more of that soon enough.)

Back to Italy! Our last stop: Venice. We were really looking forward to seeing this city. Everyone said it was going to be our favorite stop. An old city built on water with absolutely no roads? Fascinating! But to be honest, Venice must have lost some of its old charm. Someone tried to sell us cheap “Venetian” glass–made in China–or fake Louis Vuitton bags–also made in China–on EVERY corner. And for the city that is known for its risotto, you had to order at least two portions before they would even make it. As someone with celiac disease, who can’t eat pasta, that’s a pretty big deal. Thank goodness we didn’t have that problem in Rome or Florence…I would have starved.

But Venice truly was beautiful. Here’s the proof:

This guy looks a little grumpy.

We happened to be walking by as these guys rolled out this vintage racing gondola out of storage. It was awesome to see how they got this thing into the water.

According to old Venezian tradition, newly married couples put locks on bridges throughout the city, then throw the keys into the canal. Of course, we forgot ours. :( But congrats to D & T, whoever you are!

And I just love this incredible clock in piazza San Marco, even if it chimed a few minutes before the hour. Look at the colors!

And I love this view inside the church of San Marco–an entire church covered in gold mosaics. You aren’t supposed to take photos here…whoops! One of our local guides mentioned that Venice really doesn’t have museums–their churches serve as museums (and you have to pay to go into most). On our last day, we stumbled into Chiesa Santa Lucia: the church of Saint Lucy. Little did we know that the mummified body of Santa Lucia was right up on the altar, in a plexiglass display case, right next to the gift shop. Her face was covered with a gold mask, but what was left of her hands and feet were clearly visible. We didn’t take any shots of that.

But of course, one of our favorite things about Venice (and Italy in general) was the dogs.

That’s enough for now. I’m off to repot my calamondine orange tree (which I was supposed to do ages ago, but due to the lack of modern planters, I’m doing this today), watch a little soccer, and then head off to a cookout. Ciao!