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December 20, 2009

Finally ready for Christmas!

Today I realized that it’s five…that’s FIVE…days until Christmas. Wow! Where did the time go? Only two days of work and then we’re off to Connecticut to spend the holiday with Jon’s family. Fun!

In between Christmas shopping and wedding planning, I’ve been spending some time–scratch that, LOTS of time–on creating something fun for my bridesmaids. 

I realized that they might not all know all the dates for which we’ve planned events, so I decided to send them a “Will you be my bridesmaid?” card (even though I’ve already informally asked them) with the dates they’ll need to be around. I didn’t think that was enough, so I created some chain paper dolls (an idea I saw on someone else’s blog once) and decorated them to match each bridesmaid. The cards are going in the mail tomorrow, but I’ll give you a peek now:


I think they’re cute. :) I hope the girls like them!

On another note, I took these pictures on the camera that Jon’s mom sent to him for his birthday. We’re still trying to learn how it works, but manual focus is amazing! I loved how it turned out in the photo above.

And in case you need a laugh, here’s another photo we took…

I wonder how long that will stay up before I’m asked to take it down. ;) Ciao for now!