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May 31, 2010

From “we do!” to “just married.”

Exactly one year ago, I posted my first blog post about choosing our wedding venue. And after one full year of color palettes and bridesmaids dresses, cake toppers and gluten-free cupcakes, Catholic ceremonies and wedding bands, it’s all over. The wedding has come and gone. The food’s been devoured, the dance floor removed, the photobooth empty. Our one-month anniversary was yesterday. Woohoo!

After several requests, I’ve decided to create a new blog to go with the new life. And I figured it was only fitting to publish my first post on the new blog exactly one year after I started “We do!” So welcome to the new blog!

Most of the newlywed blogs I’ve seen are about babies, cooking, or decorating–and I promise you this will NOT be one of those blogs (although I may throw in a great recipe here or there and I’m dying to buy new furniture). This blog will be an account of newlywed life, where it takes us, and how we handle it. I hope you readers will be able to offer some advice!

So to start, here’s a preview of our honeymoon in Italy. We visited Rome, Florence, and Venice over 11 days this May. These images are some of my favorites, but I’ll be sure to focus on each city in some later posts. I hope this will hold you over until we get our wedding photos!

Tourists resting beside a creeping vine in San Gimigniano.

An orange on a rainy day at the Tivoli Gardens outside Roma.

A boy with his kite beside an old reservoir.

A hipster shooting our gondola ride (I like to think this is Johnny Depp, as he was in Venice while we were).

Olio extra vergine di oliva and bread by candlelight.

The market in Venice.