Le Matin

Photo Credit: Millie Holloman via Style Me Pretty

Kylie has been kind of a bugger lately. She woke me at 5:45 this morning, asking to go out. And once we were outside, she just stood and sniffed. She’s getting crankier and more stubborn every day.

But being up and about at 5:45 in the morning reminded me how much I love that time of day. There’s something about being awake while the rest of the world is still dreaming.  Through the golden glow of street lamps, I watched pillowy pink streaks etch themselves across the sky. Just me and Kylie. It was so peaceful, watching the earth shake the slumber from her eyes.

When I lived in D.C. I woke at 6 a.m. to get to work on time. Ugh.  But every morning, I knew I’d catch a glimpse of my neighbor while I walked Kylie. She sat at a table on her balcony every morning, sipping coffee and reading the newspaper. She didn’t rush, she didn’t work…she simply enjoyed the peace and quiet of her morning. It was very French of her, I think.

I would love to be that woman. These days, I spend so much time running in between both of my full-time jobs, I hardly have time to breathe. (Or blog, for that matter.) So today I’m making a resolution. I promise myself that I’m going to take time out of my day (well, week is probably a better start) for me. No books, no weddings, no design, no work at all…just me, an espresso, and some glorious sunshine. Although I don’t know if I’ll make the 5:45 a.m. wake-up call a regular part of my schedule.

How do you keep your life in balance?


One Comment to “Le Matin”

  1. Well, i guess i actually have a lot more free time now than i did a couple of years ago, due to a job change. Yet sometimes i feel i need 36-hour days in order to be able to do everything i want.
    It sounds absurd, but i guess i used to do a lot more when i didnt have the free time to. Maybe it’s just that i lost my ability to optimize time.
    I wish i had more time to dedicate to my blog. Btw, i loved yours!
    Have a nice day.

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