One year later

Jon and I celebrated our one-year anniversary this weekend–with a royal wedding, bottles of wine brought back from Italy, wedding cake, and a much-needed work-free weekend. Thank goodness for that!

Vintage Typewriter | Wedding anniversary gift

Happy anniversary to me! A vintage, refurbished Underwood typewriter from 1937--my gift from Jon. I gave him a J.Crew reproduction of a vintage military watch.

So what has changed in one year? Honestly, not much. We’re still living in the same place with the same lovely pug, still doing the same things, still watching the same crappy TV shows, and eating the same foods. But we’ve grown a bit as a couple (Jon has learned–and accepted–that I rarely do dishes, and I know he will leave his dirty socks in the living room after going to the gym). We’ve saved a good chunk of change that will someday be a down payment on a house, Jon has lost nearly 30 pounds, I’ve designed my first book cover, and I’ve started my own event design/planning business (more on that after June, our busiest month of this year, when I’ll be able to catch my breath). So married life is good–and busy! And here’s to keeping it that way.


One Comment to “One year later”

  1. I just loved your blog! Keep up the amazing work!
    Happy anniversary for you guys!!!

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