Things to do with your wedding photos

I’m a sucker for collages. So I made one of our wedding photos (the sketch at the top was a gift from Graylyn, where we married, and please ignore the empty frame on the right–I ordered the photo for that frame in the wrong size).

Photo display for wedding photos

I’m still smitten with this setup! It even prompted us to buy a new couch and redecorate a bit. But if you’re looking for something more streamlined, why not try a one-canvas collage of square imges? I wouldn’t mind a version of this in my house (template available from Design Aglow):

Or you could break out the hot glue gun and get crafty, like Ashley did. I might try this in the kitchen.

Photo by Ashley Anne Photography

And of course, there’s always the traditional wedding album. You can get some beyond-fabulous albums from professional photographers, but I wanted creative control over ours (we made two, one for Jon’s folks and another for my mom, for Christmas), so I designed ours in InDesign, then ordered them through Blurb. The print and paper quality weren’t as great as they could have been had we ordered from Finao through our photographers, but I was extremely pleased with how they turned out!

What have you done with your wedding photos?


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