Book covers and other fun designs

Today, I discovered The Book Cover Archive, a website completely dedicated to excellent book cover design. And I’m smitten.

I love to see book covers that use type as part of the design (there are plenty of covers out there that rely to much on illustration or photography, particularly when it comes to independent publishers, so this is a welcome change).

I’m always looking for inspiration. While perusing The Book Cover Archive, I stumbled upon a couple Nevile Shute covers that reminded me of a wedding album cover I’d seen before. And since I can’t remember where I saw that album, I just threw together my own version of it. It’s probably too busy with all those books in the background, but I’m going with it anyway.

There’s always something fun to do with wedding photos! The sad thing is, according to my genius friend Chezley Royster, most brides are content with just a CD of their images; they don’t create an album or buy any large prints. Posting your photos on Facebook is great and all, but sheesh–you didn’t just pay $5k for a new Facebook profile pic, did you?

So I want to know–what did you do with your wedding photos? Buy a large canvas print? Order a fun wedding album from your photographer? Create a photo display? I’d love to hear about it. And I’ll even share what Jon and I did with ours! Coming up next.


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