The 100: #5 Ballet Flats

I was on a mission last week. In a dark movie theatre, I accidentally spilled a full bag of buttery popcorn all over my tride-and-true brown suede flats. Fake butter + suede = an absolutely ruined pair of shoes. (And I think Jon was more distraught over the loss of the popcorn.) I tried to wear them a few more times, but they just weren’t the same after that disaster. So armed with Nina Garcia’s The One Hundred, I decided to replace them with a pair of killer ballet flats.

But first, a history lesson: the ballet flat has been around since at least the 16th century. It went out of fashion when Catherine de Medici requested her cobbler add two inches to her wedding shoes…smart woman!

But some of Hollywood’s famous faces brought the shoes back to the masses. When Brigitte Bardot signed on for And God Created Woman in 1956, she asked Rose Repetto, a pointe shoe maker in Paris, to create a pair of flats to wear in the movie. Then, a year later, Audrey Hepburn wore a pair with skinny jeans in Funny Face. Another smart woman. Fifty years later, I’m blogging about them.

After learning about Repetto, the classic French original, I desperately wanted a pair. But $260 price seemed a little steep, and the most affordable pair I could find was at Yoox for $139…but they were sold out. Which is a shame, because look at these!

Repetto ballet flats

And no wonder they’re so pricey–check out this amazing video of how they set up Repetto’s window display in Paris (thanks to Daniella at Dress Design Decor for sharing!).

J. Crew also offers a ton of modern versions in every color imaginable. I love the poms, bows, and detailing on the vamp (aka the part of the shoe where your toes go).

J.Crew ballet flats

And of course, I’d die for a pair of Chanel flats. Can I borrow $700 from you?

Classic Chanel flats

Well, I decided to go for a more affordable version of the ballet flat. I poked around at Nine West and found a pair on clearance for $20. Sold! (And they’re sold out now, but you can buy a similar pair for $44.) They aren’t nearly as unique as the Repetto or Chanel versions, but they get the job done. Dontcha think?

Black ballet flats

What about you? Are you classic black flat girl? Or do you go out in red ones with poms? Or floral prints?


One Comment to “The 100: #5 Ballet Flats”

  1. Ballet flats are the way to go! I bought me a pair not too long ago since I can’t really wear heels any more. They’re a great “adult” alternative to flip flops. Although, I’ve been known to be seen in a certain pair of well preserved pair of sequin ballet flats!

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