Finding the one hundred

I’m starting a new feature on the blog today. It’s doesn’t exactly showcase married life, unless you count my depleting the joint bank account on designer clothes and chronicling my husband’s reaction. But it seems just plain ol’ fun, so I’m going for it.

Some time ago I stole–I mean borrowed–Nina Garcia’s The One Hundred from my mother. That’s the 100 pieces every stylish woman should own, according to everyone’s favorite fashion editor and formidable Project Runway judge, Ms. Garcia. In her own words, they are…

…the items that have been there with me season after season. They have been with me through thick and then. When trends begin to fade away, these are the items I can always turn to with confidence. Each has alternately comforted me when I’m done after a bad, grueling day, and each in turn has boosted my confident to greater heights when I’m feeling great after a good, fulfilling day. Each has its place in my heart. Each represents the yin and yang of my personal style.

Simply put, these items make me feel classic. And there is no substitute for feeling this way. Ever.

Nina lays it all out for us, complete with a few fashion history lessons and some hollywood name dropping. And while I’ve never considered myself to be a trendy person, “stylish” is something I definitely want to be. So before handing the book back to my mom, I’m taking on a little challenge.

What challenge is that, you ask? Exploring and procuring the one hundred. I’ll base my posts on Nina’s book, although I might edit a bit–she’s listed a few things that make me say, “WHAT?” and omitted others I think should be included. I’ll be doing this on a budget, which will make it less fun for those of you who are trying to live vicariously through my spending, but hopefully I’ll make some good finds. From ballet flats to the man’s white button-down shirt to the wrap dress, I’ll keep a record of it all here. So check back soon–I’ll start with some of the pieces I already have, with a guide to finding some great versions. Happy Sunday!

4 Responses to “Finding the one hundred”

  1. is a shiny broach on the list? I have been looking into getting on for my winter jacket!

  2. Oooh….can’t wait! Maybe I’ll use it as an inspiration to jumpstart my post-maternity wardrobe!


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