Have you seen Downton Abbey yet?


I heard a lot of buzz about this show on NPR and in Entertainment Weekly before I even knew what it was. After a little research, I discovered you could watch all four episodes of the Masterpiece Classic  miniseries on PBS (or even buy the dvd, which we did after watching the online versions). And holy crap, it’s AMAZING. Set in the lead up to World War I, Downton Abbey shows you just how backward the world of English aristocracy was (is?) and the strange dynamic between family and servant (not unlike Gosford Park, but Downton Abbey has done a better job developing the characters). It’s the start of the modern world, although many of the characters try to resist that: while the youngest daughter sneaks out to go to rallies in harem pants and supports women’s suffrage, the family is too scared to use their first telephone, and one of the servants refuses to use the electric lights. I love the way change looms over this life and no one knows quite what to do about it.

But maybe the reason I’ve been obsessed with this show for the past week is the costumes. Yes, I would wear every one of them every day if I could! It’s impossible to not be inspired by the elegance of these ladies’ wardrobes.

1912 fashion: Downton Abbey

Photo By Nick Briggs/Picture Desk

I’m mostly smitten with this one particular dress. No doubt about it, either I’m going to make this myself or hire a seamstress (which might be the best way to go because hemming chiffon scares me):

1912 Edwardian fashion dress: Downton Abbey

Photo By Nick Briggs/Picture Desk

This Edwardian look falls in between corsets with bustles and slanky flapper dresses (which means women with hips can actually wear these dresses!) Are you as enamored with these looks as I am? I wouldn’t mind “dressing for dinner”…I just need more gowns.

One Comment to “Have you seen Downton Abbey yet?”

  1. I have yet to watch this! Love the costumes.

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