Happy pug is back!

If Kylie is unhappy, you know it. She has a way of showing her true feelings. When she decided she wasn’t getting enough attention from me years ago (I was in music school and working full time), this usually well-behaved pug overturned my bathroom trash can and destroyed its contents to get back at me. This happened regularly until I moved the trash can out of her reach. Years later, when I was running late for work and asked Jon to take Kylie on her morning walk, she trotted over to a sweater I’d let fall on the floor, stared Jon straight in the eyes, and peed on it.

And so it goes. Her vengeance comes out especially when we travel somewhere and leave her behind with my mom.  She’s sulky for a full week after we get her back. She’ll refuse to eat or play; she’ll just stand in closets like a zombie. She’ll refuse to go on walks–once we’re out there she’ll take two steps and stop, take two steps and stop. Oh, it’s miserable. And then she’ll sit and stare at you in the middle of the night until you wake up. It’s always a little creepy to roll over and find a dog staring at you in the dark.

But yesterday, happy pug came back to us! It started with a mid-morning lounge session in the bed. She wasn’t sleepy. Nooo, she had actually slept all night because she was over the staring-at-me-in-the-dark phase. Instead, she wanted to cuddle and have her belly rubbed. So we did that. There is nothing cuter than a pug rolling around on your bed, wanted you to scratch one side and then the other.

After that, she walked! Not a stop-and-stare walk, but a good, proper walk. In the snow! That is a feat in itself. We rewarded ourselves later by taking naps together on the new couch.

And the number one sign that happy pug had returned was dinner. She scarfed the whole thing down, then went scavenging for day-old popcorn under the cabinets. This was pretty disgusting to me so I gave her a second helping of dinner. She was pleased.

I’m so glad to have happy pug back. Let’s hope she stays this way. :)


2 Comments to “Happy pug is back!”

  1. Yay for Happy Pug Dog! Yay! I <3 paper boat hats. Especially on Happy Pugs! :D

  2. What a happy little girl! It warms my heart.

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