Brown paper packages tied up with string…

And twine. And ribbon. Paper accents. Stamps. And sparkly things. Burlap and lace. AHHHH!

Anthropologie gift wrap

Gift Wrap from Anthropologie

Yep, I’m already talking about Christmas gifts. Not really so much about what I want, and not really about what I’m getting for other folks either. I just want to talk about what I’m wrapping those gifts in. Nevermind that it’s not yet Thanksgiving. And that I haven’t actually purchased anything yet (that’s what this weekend is for).

I blame Anthropologie for getting me all giddy again over pretty things (which isn’t such a bad thing, except for my wallet). Somehow they sneakily got my email address and have been bombarding me daily with beautiful things I need to buy. (This is probably also why my posts have been all about Anthropologie lately.) Usually they email me beautiful photos of skinny models in clothes that don’t match, but today was something special that I’ve never seen Anthropologie do: gift wrapping!

I can practically hear my sisters saying, “Who gets excited over gift wrapping?” Well, this girl.

Gift wrap from Anthropologie

Gift wrap from Anthropologie

All this fun wrapping reminded me of the sweetest post I saw on the subject of gift wrapping last year, from Grey Likes Weddings on Style Me Pretty.

Image from Style Me Pretty


Okay, you guys KNOW how I feel about neutrals. And I’ve been planning on making a burlap table runner, so now I’ve got something to do with the scraps. I’m sold.

So how do you get this look? Well, blog readers, I did a little research and found links to three DIY projects for you. (Goodness, I’m turning into the DIY queen–I had two projects featured on Ruffled Blog recently! More on that closer to the new year.) The first craft project is pictured above, on the left side of the middle row: that adorable pom pom. You can find directions to make it here.

Next, you can find instructions to make that paper medallion in the middle of the top row here (Style Me Pretty calls them pinwheels, but that’s a little misleading if you ask me). Use buttons, a brooch, paper, vintage coins, pretty much anything to accent the center of these paper medallions.

Paper medallions or pinwheels

And lastly, this DIY project comes comes straight from Grey Likes Weddings, but isn’t pictured above. It’s a wine bottle wrap, made from the sleeve of an old sweater!

Wine bottle wraps

Image from Style Me Pretty

Part of me cringes at the idea of cutting up a sweater, even if I don’t wear it anymore (it could always be donated!). But oh well. Are any of you planning on doing something fun to wrap your gifts? Send me photos!


3 Responses to “Brown paper packages tied up with string…”

  1. Loving these!!! Especially all those white ones!

  2. you and I have the same taste (and apparently creatively thought of the same post title!). I hear ya on not wanting to cut up an old sweater but what about the ones that are stained or shrunken in the wash (silly husband:) ) I love your blog – so much inspiration:)


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