Hello? Any artists out there?

We’re redecorating over at chez C., and my newest obsession is framed sketches as wall art. Check out the sketches on the far wall of this photo (image from Classic Bride, but she doesn’t know who took the photo either):

While I don’t really want sad faces staring out at me, I’d love some 1920s fashion sketches to frame. I haven’t found any to buy yet, so any artists out there want to help me out? I’d love a copy of this, from the Brooklyn Museum:

Or this one:

Really, I’m not picky. I’d take any sketches, as long as they look beautiful on my photo ledge! Seriously, I’ll commission you to make these. Any takers?


2 Comments to “Hello? Any artists out there?”

  1. Hi!
    It is probably too late to post a comment,
    but if you are still interested in fashion sketches I can certainly help you.
    I am a fashion designer and have very good
    fashion drawing skills.

    BTW, I found your blog as I am redecorating my place and was looking for wall art decor ideas :-)

  2. I am a graphic illustrator and I would absolutely love to do some drawings for you – I have a penchant for Asian fashion so those two pictures you had shown of the 2 women in kimonos would be cake.

    Send me a message if you are still interested. (but hurry my schedule is only currently freed up – and I’ll be swamped again soon)

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