Beauty is everywhere.

And although we’re barraged  with an obscene amount of catalogs we never requested/wanted/heard of (seriously, it’s out of control), the Anthropologie catalog always puts a smile on my face. Not just because I love the clothes (although lately they’ve looked cheap and scratchy), but because they travel around the world for great photography.

When my little sister and I were kids, we’d stand in front of the mirror in the bathroom (getting ready for school or brushing our teeth, whatever) and shout, “Delia’s!” and strike a pose we’d seen from the Delia’s catalog. I couldn’t find a photo of our favorite pose, but we liked this one too:

Thank goodness catalogs have evolved since then! Now I get to see things like this come out of my mailbox:

Stunning, isn’t it? Sooo much nicer than those Delia’s catalogs of the 90s, which were usually shot in a studio. But the one thing that kills me is Anthro doesn’t print any info on their shooting locations in their magazines. Why not?! So I started googling.

According to, this photo was shot at a ranch just outside Buenos Aires in Argentina. And not just any ranch–the home of Juan Martín Zavaleta, one of the country’s top polo players. “He was kind enough to let us use [his trophies] and to treat them rather irreverently,” creative director Trevor Lunn told StyleList.

Knowing this makes me fall in love with Anthropologie even more. It just adds something to the photos. I think I’ll keep tabs on Anthro photo shoot locations from now on, so check back next time you get a catalog in the mail!

I’ll leave you with one more photo from this month’s Anthropologie catalog, and this one proves that you don’t have to go far from home to get a great shot. This one was taken on the street in Brooklyn:

Beauty really is everywhere.


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  1. i can has cheeseburger?

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