Blue pie safes and paper boats

I have decided that I should no longer live in a college boy’s house.

That’s essentially what our home is, since Jon’s been living here since law school and nothing has changed since then. Of course, he’s the ONLY guy I’ve ever known to choose to put floral prints on the walls as art…sigh. I think he got most of them for free from his work, but still.

And I’ve been living with it because Jon would rather save up and buy a real house (but where? we still haven’t figured that part out yet) instead of redecorating where we live now. Which makes a ton of sense, I know. But he’s also okay with the matching bedroom suit and plaid couches, and I am not.

So I’ve decided to take it in baby steps. I can’t change everything the way I want to, so I’ll just pick parts of it to work on in the meantime. And since it takes me ages to pick an overall vision (at least, it did with our wedding), I figure if I get started now I’ll have the whole decor set by 2015. So no rush. :)

And for now, I’m just searching for the right inspiration. I want our place to be beautiful, but look inviting and lived in, and have a little bit of quirkiness thrown in the mix too. And today I’m smitten with this pie safe, which I found over at the Newlywed Diaries (and she found this image in Country Home magazine):

That blue! AHHH. Just tucked inside that old cupboard. It would be such a nice surprise in a room with more muted colors. And instead of topping it with blue mason jars, I think I’d put some of these little guys on display:

These are some of Ann Wood’s paper mache boats: Mediterranean-inspired sailboats with lateen rigging. Ann’s an artist in New York who makes the cutest homespun knickknacks from rediscovered and rescued materials. If you want to give these a try, take a look at her instructions. (I also think these would make a great wedding motif–I can just see these as part of the table centerpieces at a lakefront wedding. Don’t you agree?!)

2 Comments to “Blue pie safes and paper boats”

  1. I love the sailboats! They look pretty tough to make, but the finished product is really great. What a good idea :)

  2. I love that blue cabinet! I am looking for something just like it!

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