A Kylie update

This is a perfect rainy day for apple cider from Starbucks.

We’ve spent today lounging on the couch, watching Mad Men, with Kylie. Kylie has been doing a little better today, thanks to another trip to the vet and a new diagnosis yesterday. The poor pooch has lyme disease. :(

Thank goodness it’s treatable! Kylie started her month-long antibiotic treatment yesterday, and we’re already seeing some improvement. Whew! It’s just good to finally know what was causing the problems.

But here’s the thing. This is the second time we’d gone to see this vet in the past two weeks. Despite that Kylie has had all the symptoms of lyme disease, they didn’t want to check for it either time. Yesterday when I asked, the guy said, “Nah, she wouldn’t get that down here.” We finally got them to run a test for it because the vet needed to run some blood work anyway, and when he called with the results an hour later, he said, “Surprisingly, the lyme test came back positive. I would have never guessed that in a million years.”

So now Kylie is well on her way to feeling better and will be getting a new vet in the future.


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