Inspiration Friday

I suppose I should call this post “Inspiration Thursday” because I stumbled across these great blogs yesterday, but oh well. :)

First up comes a link from a college friend who’s now living in Switzerland: Cachemire et Soie. It’s all in French, but you can try the Google Translate button in the top right corner. Go ahead, try it!

Absolutely beautiful, n’est-ce pas? What font does she use in her titles?! And besides the fun typography and gorgeous photos, she writes absolutely beautifully–“Les dernières heures des livres?” No one writes like that in English. Of course, I’d probably think “the last hours of books” would sound too dramatic in English, but in French, I want to wrap myself up in those words like one warm fuzzy blanket and drink cafe au lait on a sunny Parisian morning.

And next up: Mon Petit Navire. Yes, another French blog, but this one’s in English and written by a French pastry chef living in London. She’s also got a food blog and is launching her own business. It only bothers me slightly that she’s younger than I am and has done so much more. ;)

Here’s number three, an awesome stop-motion video from one of my favorite bands, A Fine Frenzy. Stop-motion is going to be my next  project (well, after I get a few of the other ones I’ve already started done).

And lastly, here’s one more from me! Yesterday, I learned how to create a fake lens flare in photoshop. Check it out!

Before (you’ve already seen an edited version of this photo in my Italy album, but at that point I had only added the sunshine effect):

And after:


4 Comments to “Inspiration Friday”

  1. Je pense que votre chat est stinky.

    I can write pretty in French too! :D

  2. Also:

    Je voudrais vous parler un cochon .

    (: I secretly want a pig for a pet. A little one.

  3. Ha, I think you said, “I would like to speak to you a pig.” Eek!

  4. Oooooh I though I said ‘I want to speak to you about a pig’. Guh. I hate French.

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