One glimmer of joy in an otherwise glum week

It’s been a rough day. Jon came home early with a headache, I’ve got some flu-like bug, and poor Kylie dog spent all morning at the vet, only to come home with an arthritis diagnosis and several bottles of pills. There is nothing sadder than watching your poor little dog struggle to get up, then give up because of the pain, and lie back down. This is just not our week.

So now we’re all lounging sickly/painfully on the couch. But we’ve had a couple glimmers of hope: Kylie has eaten EVERYTHING we’ve put in front of her, which is a good sign, and Jon’s been laughing hysterically at that crazy Wipeout show. (Sidenote: Whatever happened to Most Extreme Challenge, the Asian version of this show that was dubbed over in English and was HILARIOUS?! That was way better than the American version.) But best of all, I got to sort through some photos I took of my nieces this weekend.

We took Tera, Anna, and Audrey to Grandma’s pool this weekend…and wow, did they LOVE it! Tera told us repeatedly that it was the best day of her life and that she wanted it to last forever. And although the vile germ-filled salt-water pool was probably the source of this plague I’ve got, I have to admit, it was a great time. Much like fireworks, swimming pools are a bajillion times more fun when children are involved.

It all started with a short walk to my mom’s community pool.

And once we were in, I had to get a family portrait. It was, after all, the best day of their lives! And they needed something to remember it by.

And then I made each of them model for me. Here’s Tera, the beautiful little mermaid. She’ll be eight years old next month.

And here’s Anna, the heartbreaker (or future Lady Gaga?). She’ll be six this summer.

And sweet little Audrey, who’ll turn four soon, all tuckered out after one awesome day at the pool.


One Comment to “One glimmer of joy in an otherwise glum week”

  1. Gosh. They’re sooooo cute! All of them. (:

    I want to go next time!

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