Whew. Okay. I am traumatized.

I went out to water my tomato plant and calamondin orange tree tonight. I’m always looking for new growth on my orange tree, but this time I noticed something strange. It looked like two little clay cells, each about the size of a marble, all sealed up. So after Jon and I poked it for a while and nothing happened, I used a pair of scissors to cut one open. Inside were several little green caterpillars and some dirt. Eventually I convinced myself that these little caterpillars were going to wake up and eat my orange tree, so I snapped the clay cells off and sent them on their way off the balcony.

I came back inside to Google it–and according to my search, it looks like a wasp laid a nest in my orange tree! They sting little caterpillars to stun them, then lock them inside clay cells with their eggs so the baby wasps will have something to eat when they hatch. Um, EW! I’m soooo glad that’s off my balcony–and I hope the caterpillars I freed will wake up and live full little caterpillar lives. The wasps won’t come back, will they? Does anyone know? PLEASE TELL ME!

But there’s one good thing to come out my orange tree tonight–its first flower! Ta-da!

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One Comment to “I am TRAUMATIZED.”

  1. Does it have an orange yeeeettttttt??????

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