Men are idiots.

Okay, that’s a generalization. And there certainly are exceptions (e.g., most wonderful husband ever Jon). But there are a lot of really crummy guys out there. Case in point:

Recently, my friend Anna joined She insists it’s for her blog, but I’m sure if a relationship were to come out of it, she wouldn’t mind. :) A lot of folks we know are dating or even getting married to men they met online, so it could happen!

Well, now that Anna has been on there for a few days, she’s been getting “winked” at A LOT. Apparently, that’s what you do on So she’s chosen three of these lovely folks who have winked at her to share with us on her blog. And let me tell you, they are some real catches! So head over and cast your vote for which guy she should wink back at. You’ve got until this evening, when she tallies the votes.

I admit, in the past, I was a little anti-online dating. Mostly because the people I know on those sites were sleazy jerks. And after Anna and I perused her local options on this weekend, I’ve decided that yep, that’s still the case a lot of the guys on there. (Although I’m still hoping Anna will find the diamond in the rough…or at least, have a good time and a laugh on her blog.)

Here’s why. We found the profile of an acquaintance on Now, this guy had an amazing girlfriend up until a year or so ago. Beautiful, smart, charming, successful…the whole package. But then this guy went a little crazy and turned into a real jerk. He broke up with her, led her on for a while, and treated her like garbage until she finally realized what he was and left him for good.

So now this guy is on, and let me tell you! He’s got the most pretentious profile in the history of online dating. He’s looking “for someone who can play backyard football, then turn around and light up the room in an evening gown.” And “someone who is anything but ordinary.” And I’m sure there’s a whole lot more of that kind of stuff on his profile, but I don’t remember. Which, let’s be honest, is probably a good thing.

Can you imagine any girl responding to this favorably? Would any girl say, “why yes, I DO light up the room when I put on my evening gown! Date me!” I don’t think so.

Here’s the sad part: His exgirlfriend was as close as he was ever going to get to that, and he threw that away. And I know a bunch of guys who have realized that too late.

So here’s to hoping that you guys out there will wise up and make smart decisions. And here’s to Anna finding one of those guys! Although I’m not sure if Bigfoot, Hunter Elf, or Kaopectate are the mostly likely candidates.  :)


One Comment to “Men are idiots.”

  1. I think the only woman he is going to find is this one.

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