Green thumb or brown thumb?

I am not a gardener. I don’t know a thing about flowers. Which is making my newest hobby pretty difficult.

It all started with a little tomato plant that one of Jon’s clients gave him. We’ve even got a nickname for him because one time I said “tomato plant” and Jon heard “tiny tomate.” So the nickname stuck, even though he’s considered a “big boy tomato,” whatever that is. When I first planted it a month ago, it looked like this.

Yesterday, it looked like this:

These things grow so quickly! Still no tomatoes yet, but I’m hopeful. And he’s a little droopy, and I think that’s because it only gets a few hours of sunlight a day–we have a very shady porch. :(

But my orchids are still beautiful, aren’t they?! They were a gift from Ms. Anna when she threw my bachelorette party in April, and they’re still going strong, which seems like a pretty big feat because everyone I’ve known who’s tried to grow these things has ended up killing them.

The secret? Water them with ice! I’ve been giving this little guy one ice cube a week–although I read online that they recommend three cubes per week. So far, it’s definitely working. But I figure at some point it’s going to start withering, so I googled “how to prune an orchid.” Several sites told me to trim the plant down to the second stem node once the flowers die…whatever THAT is. If anyone can help when the time comes, I’d greatly appreciate it. :)

One Comment to “Green thumb or brown thumb?”

  1. Big Boy’s are big big tomatoes. They’re not German Johnson size but they’re brilliant for sandwiches. (: And as for growing them…They need lots and lots of water! It’s been super hot so you should start to see some flowers soon! And when you do…

    Tomatoes are not far behind!

    And I have no idea what a stem node is. I’ll ask the plant guy.

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