Feeling all right tonight :)

I’m pretty happy tonight. :) So much so that I’m taking a break from posting our Venezia photos.

And why I am in such good spirits, you ask? Well, I bought a calamondin orange tree on my way home from work (more on that after I repot it this weekend) and I just enjoyed some homemade pork fried rice–and let me tell you, made-from-scratch fried rice that is light and chock full of organic vegetables is anything but unhealthy. Yum! I might share our recipe for that too, if you like.

But I’ve been beside myself with glee since I saw the first part of our wedding photos on The Schultzes Blog. Part two should be posted tomorrow, so be sure to check that out! But for now, you can see our photos here and here. Here’s a sneak peek.

And on a completely unrelated note, I think Kylie dog has learned the concept of dessert. She asks for a treat after I finish MY dinner, then settles down with her teddy bear for the evening. Bizarre…and maybe proof that you can [accidentally] teach an old dog new tricks.


3 Comments to “Feeling all right tonight :)”

  1. Yay for dessert! I think the Kylie dog and our friend Rusty may be the same soul. Although, she didn’t like my treats the other night. :\ Oh well…

  2. Oh and yay for awesome wedding photos! :D

  3. Wow- your wedding photos are insanely gorgeous! Love all of the detail shots! I recently discovered The Schultzes’ Blog- it is amazing, isn’t it?!

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