Just being silly in Florence.

Florence might be my favorite Italian city. There’s a definite change in the atmosphere than Rome. It’s calmer, smaller (you can walk just about anywhere), and more artsy–people in Florence dressed so much better than they did in Rome! Although I might be biased about that city anyway: My favorite E.M. Forster book is A Room with a View, and Florence is a huge part of that love story.

Couldn’t you just stare at THAT view of the Arno all day? Benvenuto a Firenze!

We got a good landscape shot of part of the city too. See that belltower?

It’s Florence’s city hall. It looks like this close up:

We also have a million photos of Jon’s favorite dome. (Really, who has a favorite dome?) Apparently he studied it in an art class in college and hasn’t gotten over it yet. I mean, it’s huge and breathtaking, but it’s still just a dome. Here’s a view of il duomo from the belltower–to get there we had to WALK up all 418  wobbly steps, with bad lighting and no handrails as the corridors got smaller and smaller. Yes, they have warnings in the entryway for people with heart conditions.

Any Puccini fan would get a kick out of this–across the Arno in the photo below is the Ponte Vecchio (o mio babbino caro, anyone?). We took this shot the night we walked across the bridge to see La Boheme. You just can’t come to Florence and not see an opera.

Florence is also where we noticed we didn’t have very many photos of us. We tried to remedy that by making faces in elevators.

We took two half-day trips while in Florence. The first to Pisa (which, let’s be honest, isn’t all that interesting unless you’re taking photos of people trying to hold up the tower), and the second to San Gimignano. San Gimignano was beyond beautiful, so I have a whole set of photos to share with you from there. That’s coming up next!

5 Responses to “Just being silly in Florence.”

  1. Love your top shot of the Arno. Has a softened, almost aged look to it (apropos of Florence, no?). And am impressed you could get a night shot of the Arno, lights and all, that is sharply focused (not my luck with the Tiber).

    Thanks for sharing these.

    Recently posted on a trip to Rome took with my family, ‘La Dolce Vita’ at http://www.pamelanmartin.wordpress.com.

    Hope you can take a look.

  2. Wow! I didn’t realize Jon was so strong!!!! :D

    The pix are wonderful. :)

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your musings on Italy, one day I want to go — maybe Greece first. Your photos are wonderful. I printed it and will send it to mom.


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