Rome part deux

I realize that I posted only photos in my last post about Rome, so this time around I want to give you a little more.

The happy couple in the coliseum.

Rome is like no other city. It’s layer upon layer of history, with a modern city on top. Our tour guide, Lidia, told us that they’ve been trying to expand their metro system, but every time they dig they hit some great archeological find and have to stop. (On a side note, if you ever find yourself in Rome, take a taxi! They drive like maniacs…it’s like a roller coaster.)

I fell in love with olive trees in Rome.

The mansion at Tivoli is a perfect example of that layered history. It’s this magnificent Renaissance house, but under the basement, you can see remnants of the mosaic floor of an ancient house that stood in the same place during Caesar’s reign.

Up the steps from the Tivoli gardens to the house. The gardens might have been my favorite part of our whole trip!

Even parts of the old city walls still stand. The Aurelian walls, built in the 3rd century A.D., are remarkably preserved. Part of them was converted into a church. Guess who designed the interior.

Italy kept Michelangelo pretty busy. He died before finishing this church in 1564. (And yes, I know this shot isn't that aesthetically pleasing. It's an old wall, after all.)

And parts of the Servian wall, constructed in the 4th century B.C., are still standing as well. We grabbed this quick shot at the Termini train station before heading off to Florence.

Italians on their way to work just walked right past this, like it wasn't older than Christianity. I guess if you see it everyday it's no big deal.

This is where we take off for our next stop! Check back for our adventures in Florence later.


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  1. Those steps are gorgeous!!! What an amazing photograph!

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