You can call me Brooke C*. Officially. (Well, if you can pronounce it.)

Well, I WAS going to take a break from blogging. But by now several people have asked me to keep writing, this time about newlywed life. And I suppose that makes sense: getting married is just the beginning of the adventure. And I have to admit–I miss blogging. So please bear with me while I try to figure out what angle my new blog will take, what it should be called and what it will look like. But for today, this old blog will do just fine. (Note: Yes, I promise to post photos of our nuptials and Italy, but we’re still waiting on the fabulous Schultzes to send us our photos. You’ll be the first to see when we get them. ;))

So here we go. The first adventures of a newlywed life.

Step 1: Change my name. Those of you who know me well know that I am hardly traditional and tend to lean toward the feminist side. (I even addressed all our wedding invitations using both the man and woman’s name; no “Mr. and Mrs. Man’s-Name Last-Name.” I hate that. It may be tradition but it intrinsically perpetuates sexism. A woman should not lose her identity because she’s married. Okay, enough ranting.)

But those of you who know me well also know that I’ve ALWAYS hated my last name. It’s soooo boring. And the new option seems so much more fun, even if I will spend the rest of my life answering questions like “How to do you pronounce that?” Right now, I don’t mind that.

So this morning I went to the dreadful social security office to change my name. I mean, it is painfully depressing there. I arrived five minutes before they opened and still had about 20 people in line before me. Of course, they have one of those sign-in computers that prints you a ticket with your number on it, which is great. Except it’s hidden in a corner, so you don’t see it when you walk in. Luckily a stranger told me when I sat down that I needed a ticket. When I got it, it said “50-minute wait time.” Eesh.

So I waited. And waited. And while I was waiting I got an email from, which is a sister Web site to And it said:

Now that your big day is over, happily ever after can begin…that is, after you’ve written your thank-you notes, merged your money, and maybe even changed your name. Exhausted already?

Yep, after reading that! I thought we’d be done with all this wedding-related stuff already! But no, apparently there’s a whole slew of errands we need to take care of. Like changing my name at the social security office and the DMV, creating a joint bank account, finding a joint car insurance policy, updating my name on my health insurance card and at work, updating my name of Facebook (to be fair, this was the first thing I did), creating a new email address…sheesh!

At least this time around there’s no deadline. So I am going to take my sweet time and relax. After all, I think I’ve earned it!

Maybe next week I will visit the DMV for an updated drivers’ license. I’ll let you know how that goes. :)


One Comment to “You can call me Brooke C*. Officially. (Well, if you can pronounce it.)”

  1. yay! yay! yay!

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