First half of wedding prep weekend=success

Things we did today:

  1. Sent our ceremony plan to the priest
  2. Dropped off vases at the florist
  3. Bought archival pens for the guestbook
  4. Painted our wedding signs
  5. Made our ribbon wands (well, REMADE the ribbon wands…but that’s a long story)
  6. Designed and printed thank you notes and envelopes
  7. Worked on half of our wedding favors

If tomorrow is as productive, I think we’ll be in good shape for 04.30.2010.

Painting wedding signs turned out to be a really fun time. Jon had purchased the wood and sawed it last weekend, so today we just sat outside and painted.

Two seconds after I took this photo, the sign fell from our second-story balcony. Jon wasn’t too happy going to pick it up.

We made “ceremony” and “wedding” signs to direct guests to where they’re supposed to go, and then this one for fun. Not sure where we’ll put it, though.


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