The nice-to-haves

So we’re down to only TWENTY-TWO days before the wedding. It still hasn’t hit me that that’s only three weeks.

So I’ve started prioritizing some things–in 22 days, can we get everything done? Knowing me, probably not. So here’s my list of “nice-to-haves.” If you feel particularly inspired by one of them and would like to help out, please let me know. :)

1. Wooden “wedding” signs to direct our guests to the right spot. Maybe like these (from Flights of Fancy):

2. A fun cake topper. We originally didn’t want one, and I’m fine not having anything there still, but the cute animal ones are just so charming! Like these from the DIY Wedding Girl:

3. Ribbon wands. I would LOVE to have them, but at least point I’m running out of patience to make them and it would just be easier to buy flower petals. Does it mean I’m not putting enough effort into my wedding if we take the easy road for the sendoff?

4. Banners (like these from Wedding Belles Online) or signs at the cake table, the guest book, etc., and placed to lead guests through the house to the garden ceremony. These aren’t really a nice to have; some places will HAVE to have something. But I’m still looking for ideas, so if you have any, feel free to share. :)

I’m sure there’s something else…hmm….

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