We've been busy this Easter weekend…

…and here’s what we’ve been up to.

Jon and I both had Friday off (which was nice, because he hardly ever gets a holiday from work). We went to the N.C. zoo with these lovely folks:

And saw a two-headed giraffe:

And our favorite, this little otter:

We had great plans to kidnap it, but after deciding that a bathtub might not be the best place to keep an otter, we left it in its home.

Then I spent most of Saturday in Salisbury with the maid of honor’s mom, MammaZ. She’s being sooooo generous and letting us borrow some of her vintage vases for the wedding reception, and we went to some thrift and antique shops to round out the collection. Well, when I say vases, I mean vases, parfait glasses, bottles–pretty much any vintage vessel that will hold flowers. And now we have A BUNCH. Here they are on our dining room table:

We’re going to have about 16 tables, with two or three vases on each, filled with ranunculus, peonies, dahlias, roses, hydrangeas, snapdragons, hypericum berries and greenery, and whatever other big blooms our florist can find. There’s lots of depression glass, which I adore. I may still go out and get a few pink or green fleur-de-lis glasses to add some more color, but other than that, I think we’re done. Which is good, because I’m just about exhausted.

I spent the past couple of hours photographing each vase and taking inventory–half of these need to go back to MammaZ after the wedding and I want to make sure we can track all of them. But for now I’m going to call it a night. Hope you’ve all had wonderful Easter Sundays!


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