Whoa…hello, doppelganger wedding!

I love Mondays. I always feel refreshed and ready to go after some new wedding inspriration–and it looks like the bloggers and our vendors feel the same way. I love opening up my google reader or gmail and seeing it filled with new blog posts and updates from our vendors.

But I saw something strange on Style Me Pretty today. It looks like another couple just had our wedding! Seriously. Check out some of these images:

Well, they added peaches, vintage china, and books (LOVE that idea–wouldn’t it be a great way to do escort cards? With bookmarks tucked inside the books as favors?). But from the color palette to the flowers to the nonmatching bridesmaids dresses, this is exactly what our wedding is supposed to look like. Down to the one pregnant bridesmaid and the shell pink strapless J. Crew dress Ms. B is going to wear! How bizarre.

We’ll be using depression-glass vases, some pinwheels, and a 1920’s restored house instead of a ballroom, but this wedding is so similar to our vision that I had to show you. It’s a bit creepy, isn’t it?


2 Comments to “Whoa…hello, doppelganger wedding!”

  1. i think the BM, two to the left of the bride, is wearing my dress!

  2. She is! It’s uncanny how similar this wedding is to our vision.

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