Everyone but my mom has something to wear

I finally convinced my older sister and Mrs. E to buy their bridesmaid dresses!  Here’s the final roundup, comprising four fabulous j. crew dresses and one great maternity dress. (That one really sticks out in this image, but I think if it were on a dress form like the j. crew dresses, it would blend in nicely. Then again, it might not be possible for Mrs. E, at 8.75 months pregnant on April 30, to blend in at all!)

The bridesmaids are going to be beautiful! I can’t wait to see all these dresses together in person. Hear that ladies? You can all just come to Winston-Salem now and hang out until the wedding. It would be nice to have everyone in one place. :)

One more update: we really covered some ground this weekend. We made our final decisions on ceremony music, bought bridesmaids gifts, updated our registries, started planning the ceremony, purchased the dress I’m going to wear for my bridal shower this weekend and ordered a possible (and absolutely GORGEOUS) dress for the rehearsal, and made one monster to-do list.  Now all we’ve got to do is start checking things off! I’m feeling much more organized now that the invitations are gone–which, by the way, seem to be a huge success. I got a text from an unknown number last week, and all it said was “amazing invitations!!!!!!!!!!!” (yes, with 14 exclamation points; turns out one of the groomsmen REALLY loved them). I guess all that hard work paid off. :)

Stay tuned for more updates on what others are wearing later this week. At the moment, our house is littered with tiny organza flower girl dresses. So precious! I have never purchased more dresses in such a short time in my life.

Have a great week!


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