I have learned my lesson.

Did you notice that I have hardly posted in the past week? There’s only one reason for that: wedding invitations.

Okay, most of you know that I’m pretty  picky, and when it comes to this wedding stuff, it’s hard for me to find the ONE that I really like (e.g., the color scheme, the dress, and everything else). So when it came to picking invitations, I couldn’t find any that I liked enough to purchase! And since I love graphic design, art, and creating things with my hands, I decided, okay, I’ll make our invitations myself. And after this week, I am so thankful I will never have to plan another wedding!

So after designing, revising, asking for opinions, printing, and cutting, we still had to address them, seal them, and affix stamps. I did some research beforehand and found out it’s best to start with the same amount of everything, which we did. And it’s a good thing too! When we finished, we had one extra response envelope, and we had no idea why! So after another half hour of searching through the invitations we had already stuffed, we found a rogue, blank response envelope tucked inside one. How on earth did that get there?! After that quick fix, we moved on to sealing the envelopes. Jon was a sweetheart and volunteered to seal them all, and after the headache of getting everything together, I let him.

But then came another one of my great ideas. I wanted to use some vintage stamps to send the darn things (will I ever learn?). Postage never expires, so if a stamp has never been used and isn’t cancelled, you can use it to mail whatever you want. So after finding a not-so-fantastic collection at a local coin and stamp shop and adding up stamp value to make sure we wouldn’t get an ugly “insufficient postage” stamp across our beautiful invitations, we decided that only certain folks would get the vintage stamps (i.e., close family and my artsy friends who would appreciate it). Everyone else got the regular cheesy wedding stamps–sorry! But Jon was pretty happy they were self-adhesive. I, on the other hand, tried wetting the first set of vintage stamps with a sponge, only to soak (and possibly ruin?) a corner of my future in-laws’ invitation. So after that disaster, yes, I licked stamps that were 30-50 years old. Yuck. I definitely suggest investing in one of those glue stamper things you can buy at office supply stores after this!

So the next time I get the bright idea to design everything myself, please make me reread this post. Of course, now that I’ve dug myself this hole, I’ve got to start designing programs, cards for hotel gift bags, and favors to match the invitations….ugh.

But to end on a good note, here’s what our final product looked like:


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