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March 31, 2010

30 days to go! And my rant on returning RSVP cards…

Yesterday marked the one-month countdown…WOW! It was also the deadline for returning the RSVP cards, because we’ll need LOTS of time to prep our favors, which have a little something to do with the RSVPs. Well, we’ve still only recieved half of them. I was a little surprised, but I guess I shouldn’t be–apparently this happens all the time.

I was also surprised at the few folks that just didn’t write their names on the RSVPs. I’m not sure if it’s because we opted not to include the traditional “M” before the blank line (do you really need an “M” on the RSVP to realize you should let us know who you are?) or what. We got three blank cards back, and another one from a “Mr. and Mrs. Deal.” Well, when the bride’s last name is Deal, you can pretty much bet we invited SEVERAL Mr. and Mrs. Deals.

Which makes me REALLY thankful that we numbered the back of our RSVPs–each RSVP number corresponds with each person on our guest list. I did a lot of research on wedding invitations when we were making them, and one website (I can’t remember which one now) offered that little nugget of advice. Best suggestion ever! Thanks to the numbers, we figured out who forgot to write their names and who Mr. and Mrs. Deal were. So take it from me–numbering your RSVP cards is a MUST!

March 29, 2010

Whoa…hello, doppelganger wedding!

I love Mondays. I always feel refreshed and ready to go after some new wedding inspriration–and it looks like the bloggers and our vendors feel the same way. I love opening up my google reader or gmail and seeing it filled with new blog posts and updates from our vendors.

But I saw something strange on Style Me Pretty today. It looks like another couple just had our wedding! Seriously. Check out some of these images:

Well, they added peaches, vintage china, and books (LOVE that idea–wouldn’t it be a great way to do escort cards? With bookmarks tucked inside the books as favors?). But from the color palette to the flowers to the nonmatching bridesmaids dresses, this is exactly what our wedding is supposed to look like. Down to the one pregnant bridesmaid and the shell pink strapless J. Crew dress Ms. B is going to wear! How bizarre.

We’ll be using depression-glass vases, some pinwheels, and a 1920’s restored house instead of a ballroom, but this wedding is so similar to our vision that I had to show you. It’s a bit creepy, isn’t it?

March 28, 2010

Now I'm kind of considering ballroom dance lessons

I’m always impressed when I see how couples make their wedding suit their own taste and styles. And last night, Jon and I had the pleasure of attending the dinner theatre that was his boss’s wedding. Let’s just say I’ve never seen anything like it. I captured A LOT of it on film (so sorry for the crappy quality, the bad editing, and the corny commentary):

Don’t you just love the groom’s sequined tux?

So despite sitting at the no-fun table (with a senator and his mayor-pro-temp wife, a conservative bread lobbyist, and two other attorneys) where Jon was supposed to network, it was a pretty fun night. And luckily, we took a few breaks to visit the photo booth:

Jon was trying to be funny by pretending to throw up in the bottom left photo (classy, no?), but it doesn’t really look like that. I can’t wait to see what our guests end up doing with our photo booth!

Note: Neither Jon nor I were drunk in these photos. You just have to make your own fun when you’re stuck at the no-fun table at your boss’s wedding.

March 22, 2010

These little things make me happy

I definitely don’t have the right lens for this kind of close-up shot, but since we’ve got the whole trio now, I had to share:

March 20, 2010

The good with the bad

It’s been a week, and I still haven’t recovered from our trip to Connecticut last weekend. We were supposed to be there by midnight on Friday night, but–due to a crazy nor’easter–we landed 13 hours later in a different airport. We rebooked flights four times and were STILL late for the bridal shower Jon’s mom and aunt were throwing for me. The guests had been there for an hour and a half by the time we arrived, so to keep everyone from waiting too long, I immediately sat down in front of a room full of women I’d never met and opened more gifts than I could count, and then everyone left before the trees took another power line down. Oh, but not before I posed for pictures wearing the ribbon hat (apparently a shower tradition). There are photos of that somewhere, but I have no plans for gracing my blog with any of them. ;) We turned around and left early the next morning.

Jon’s mom and Aunt Mary really know how to host a party! It doesn’t get any better than a personal chef, free-flowing champagne, and great company. But as fun as it was, I’m glad to be home. I’m all for parties and visiting, but after the weather and those plane rides, I just want to put on sweats and fall asleep.

Poor Jon had to wake up early and do it all again yesterday morning, but this time he was headed to West Palm Beach. His dad planned a “bachelor weekend,”  so the two of them, some of Jon’s groomsmen, and some other family and friends headed down to Florida to golf and catch the Mets at spring training.

I have to be honest–the whole bachelor weekend idea really bothers me. I know there’s no reason for me to feel that way, and that I’m being a little irrational. And I’m not sure why. Maybe it bothers me that guys seem to think they need to get together and celebrate being single for a weekend. Or maybe it’s because I think it’s a little unfair. I won’t get a bachelorette weekend–my bridesmaids are still students, have or are having kids, or work at nonprofits, and they can’t afford to travel any more than they already are for the wedding. Or maybe it’s because I would have liked to get away to Florida for the weekend too. Yes, I know there aren’t supposed to be girls at a bachelor party (although apparently one is going), but it would have been nice to be invited. I could definitely use a weekend on the beach.

But I think the real reason I’m still upset now is that Jon knew that I didn’t like him going, and he went along with it anyway. Is marriage going to be like that?

So this must be the other side of engagement and wedding planning–the one that you don’t read about in bridal magazines and wedding blogs. I usually try to keep  my blog light and fun, because who wants to read someone whine and rant about the tough stuff? But wedding planning isn’t one great blend of colors and flowers, gifts, and food tastings. Behind the fun video chats with bridesmaids and the excitement of our friends and family, I’ve been confused, disappointed, and frustrated many times throughout this journey. It’s a LOT of work, and much of that work isn’t fun.

In the end, I know I’ll take the advice from Dr. Bleedingheart and get over it. And all that work, those disappointments, and the frustrations will pay off on April 30. It will, right?