Some good news! And details, details, details…

The good news first: Father Jude received written permission to marry us. I’d say that that’s a pretty impressive accomplishment, considering I’m neither Catholic nor baptized and we’re getting married outside, nowhere near a church. And because our “circumstances are extraordinary and call for special exemptions,” the only required Catholic part of our ceremony is the vows. So don’t worry, guests–you won’t have to sit through a full mass! I’m pretty sure you all appreciate that. :)

So while we now have a ceremony to plan, we’ve at least made some small accomplishments as far as details go. Like the guest book, which we received a while ago but I finally got around to photographing it:

My veil (Yes, the quest for the birdcage veil is over! But procuring it was an adventure all its own, which I might tell you about tomorrow):

And Jon’s awesome wedding band (which he is very excited about!):

Now I’m off to read and rest–Ms. B came all the way from D.C. to visit us for the weekend (SUCH a great time), but before she left this morning, I was hit with a KILLER migraine. I spent the rest of the day in bed and I’m still not feeling great, so I’ll post some more updates when I’m back to 100%. Have a lovely night!


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