But where is the cabin?

It’s finally here! Cabin Fever 2 is finally here!

Why am I so excited about a low-budget/cult classic-esque/disgusting/high school horror film? Because my little sister is in it.

Yep, as of this past Tuesday, you can see Regan Deal on DVD and Blu-Ray. She plays a high school stripper named Liz, who does some unmentionable and inappropriate things in a public restroom. (Does this sound like a movie you’d want to see your sister in? Hmmm…)

Some GENIUS YouTube commenters seem pretty opinionated about it. Some of my favorite comments include:

“it is sick sick sick but a good sick haha its amazing, i thought it was going to be dumb, but man was i wrong!!!”

“this movie was pretty damn good. u see alot of titties”

“Okay, was that guy taking a dump while asking that chick to the prom?” Um, that chick is Regan…

“this one is in a school, but called Cabin Fever 2…….?
they should’ve stopped making this filming as soon as they read that it was gonna be in a SCHOOL not cabin”

“where is the cabin????”

“hows this cabin fever 2? where the f*** the cabin?!?!?!?!?!?!?”

“Cabin Fever doesn’t have anything to do with a cabin you idiots. You can get cabin fever anywhere.”

“Ta blbost má pokračování? 8(“


But the weirdest comment might be from TexasPsychoK, who said, “It’s awesome.. more of a throwback to John Waters, David Lynch style. The music is also hilariously bad. Born to be alive, Eaten by the Monster of Love, etc… tons of refs to Lynch films, Dollar Girl, Carrie, Prom Night, Ramone’s Rock & Roll High School.”

The creepy thing about that is that Regan was the leading character in Dollar Girl, which is an independent film that wasn’t really released, so no one has really watched it, although now you can buy it on Amazon. I think somebody has a stalker…Regan, watch out for people from Texas!

So if you enjoy a bad horror film every now and then, check it out! And Regan, congrats on your first SAG film! Good luck in LA!


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