My future husband always impresses me

And that’s kind of awesome :)

So despite the card, the books, the surprise tickets that meant he would be suffering through La Danse (a documentary on the French Ballet) for three hours at the artsy theatre downtown, and the REALLY big gift he’s giving me/us (see my next post for that update), Jon did something super sweet this weekend (surprise, surprise). We aren’t one of those couples that’s really into all that romance stuff, but this really made me smile.

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, he either brought me flowers or had them delivered. The first day he surprised me with roses that were a “happy first week of your new job” celebration. With the second day’s bouquet I received a card that said “I loves you,” and with the third day’s delivery¬†came a card that said “I loves you more than yesterday.” The whole thing was sweet and thoughtful, and the sentiment behind the whole thing meant so much more than just the obligatory flowers for Valentine’s day. He’s kind of perfect. :)

He definitely beat my gift, which was a raspberry cake that he loves (which also happens to be our wedding cake flavor). He’s always so modest and says he’s not a creative gift giver, but I beg to differ. What do you ladies think?


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