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February 25, 2010

Congrats to K&P…again!

It’s been a fun week in wedding blogs! First, Ms. Keylime and her beau entered a cutest-engagement-story contest, and they won!

Yep, they’re a pretty cute couple. You can read their engagement story from Morgan Gallo & Co. here.

And earlier this week, I was scrolling my Facebook news updates and saw this link posted by our photographer Cheyenne Schultz. Go ahead, take a look.

Yep, that’s Jon and me! A couple of our pinwheel photos made it onto an Alabaman wedding planner’s Web site. I have to say, it’s pretty weird seeing your photo on someone else’s blog! Cute website though. Apparently this pinwheels thing is taking off…I guess we better get to work making more of them for the ceremony! Good thing Jon enjoys making them with me. :) Although he sings that same “pinwheel, pinwheel, spinning around” song the Alabaman wedding planner wrote on her blog ad nauseam…I don’t know how much more I can take of that!

February 21, 2010

Some good news! And details, details, details…

The good news first: Father Jude received written permission to marry us. I’d say that that’s a pretty impressive accomplishment, considering I’m neither Catholic nor baptized and we’re getting married outside, nowhere near a church. And because our “circumstances are extraordinary and call for special exemptions,” the only required Catholic part of our ceremony is the vows. So don’t worry, guests–you won’t have to sit through a full mass! I’m pretty sure you all appreciate that. :)

So while we now have a ceremony to plan, we’ve at least made some small accomplishments as far as details go. Like the guest book, which we received a while ago but I finally got around to photographing it:

My veil (Yes, the quest for the birdcage veil is over! But procuring it was an adventure all its own, which I might tell you about tomorrow):

And Jon’s awesome wedding band (which he is very excited about!):

Now I’m off to read and rest–Ms. B came all the way from D.C. to visit us for the weekend (SUCH a great time), but before she left this morning, I was hit with a KILLER migraine. I spent the rest of the day in bed and I’m still not feeling great, so I’ll post some more updates when I’m back to 100%. Have a lovely night!

February 18, 2010

I'm a sucker for beautiful things

I discovered a new blog this week, and I am in LOVE! When I visited Peach and Pearl for the first time, this is the image that greeted me:

How can ANYONE not love that? These are exactly the colors I imagine in our wedding: the pinks, neutrals, yellows, golds. Ah, it’s perfect. We’re going to have more gray in our color palette, but I think that will play in nicely. You’ll just have to wait until April to see! :)

Peach and Pearl is more than a wedding blog, though. It’s sort of an all-around inspiration/beautiful things blog. I highly recommend.

Enjoy your Thursday!

February 17, 2010

But where is the cabin?

It’s finally here! Cabin Fever 2 is finally here!

Why am I so excited about a low-budget/cult classic-esque/disgusting/high school horror film? Because my little sister is in it.

Yep, as of this past Tuesday, you can see Regan Deal on DVD and Blu-Ray. She plays a high school stripper named Liz, who does some unmentionable and inappropriate things in a public restroom. (Does this sound like a movie you’d want to see your sister in? Hmmm…)

Some GENIUS YouTube commenters seem pretty opinionated about it. Some of my favorite comments include:

“it is sick sick sick but a good sick haha its amazing, i thought it was going to be dumb, but man was i wrong!!!”

“this movie was pretty damn good. u see alot of titties”

“Okay, was that guy taking a dump while asking that chick to the prom?” Um, that chick is Regan…

“this one is in a school, but called Cabin Fever 2…….?
they should’ve stopped making this filming as soon as they read that it was gonna be in a SCHOOL not cabin”

“where is the cabin????”

“hows this cabin fever 2? where the f*** the cabin?!?!?!?!?!?!?”

“Cabin Fever doesn’t have anything to do with a cabin you idiots. You can get cabin fever anywhere.”

“Ta blbost má pokračování? 8(“


But the weirdest comment might be from TexasPsychoK, who said, “It’s awesome.. more of a throwback to John Waters, David Lynch style. The music is also hilariously bad. Born to be alive, Eaten by the Monster of Love, etc… tons of refs to Lynch films, Dollar Girl, Carrie, Prom Night, Ramone’s Rock & Roll High School.”

The creepy thing about that is that Regan was the leading character in Dollar Girl, which is an independent film that wasn’t really released, so no one has really watched it, although now you can buy it on Amazon. I think somebody has a stalker…Regan, watch out for people from Texas!

So if you enjoy a bad horror film every now and then, check it out! And Regan, congrats on your first SAG film! Good luck in LA!

February 16, 2010

Wedding hair

So even though I’m swamped this week, I thought I should try to squeeze in a blog post or two for you! We have a pretty big to-do list going on, most of which is wedding stuff, of course. Only 72 days to go…so we better get busy!

First things first: On Valentine’s Day, Jon gave me a tourism book on Italy and said, “I booked the trip. We’re going to Italy!” So starting the Sunday after our wedding, we’ll be departing for a tour of Rome, Venice, and Florence! I really can’t wait! Neither of us has been to Italy OR on a tour, so this should be super fun. We figured a tour would be the easiest way to travel this time, since neither of us speak Italian either. And we won’t have to think about transportation, hotels, ANYTHING! The only thing I just have to do is find an opera performance (despite that the season will be over). I simply cannot go to the birthplace of opera and not see one…or two, or three…well, you get the idea. So, to sum up, I am VERY EXCITED for our honeymoon.

But this week, I’m turning my attention to something else: finding a salon to do hair and makeup for the wedding. Does anyone have any suggestions before I go over to Aveda and book them? That’s really the only place I know in Winston-Salem. As far as hair goes, I’m thinking something simple and romantic. Probably a low chignon like the one below (and you have to forgive me, I just took quick screenshots of these images and didn’t try to crop them well). I don’t know who this beautiful bride is, but you can see more of her, her wedding, and Mary Jane Photography here.

I’m not sure how I feel about the chignon on the side though–It makes for great photos from one angle, and looks like nothing from the other side! I think I’d rather have it in the back of my head, but maybe I’ll let the hairdresser play around with it until we find what we like. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

I can’t really imagine my hair down (it will just frizz up like you wouldn’t believe!) or in a high updo (those seem to either be too princessy or too trashy). Any other suggestions from you other future brides?