Wedding invitations…the bane of my existence…

Remember the new logo I posted a few weeks ago? The one that looks like this?

I made that logo in Illustrator using a bunch of fonts, but it’s still not exactly what I was looking for. I wanted it to look more textured and real. So I drew one by hand and scanned it in. This is the finished product, sans our names:

The colors are a little different, and it could use a little more editing, but I think this version is as sweet as can be! So I played around with invitation design ideas all morning, and I came up with a couple possible mockups. Here’s my favorite so far.

Of course, Jon hasn’t seen it yet because he actually works all day (and his opinion matters most!). But I’d love to hear your opinions! Any font suggestions? I’m afraid the one I’m currently using is too contemporary–I need something vintage but not quite rustic! Hmm…


One Comment to “Wedding invitations…the bane of my existence…”

  1. When I’m hunting for fonts (as I’m usually not satisfied with Garamond or Baskervilles), I usually browse — many recital posters & sets of program notes (etc) were full of ridiculous flourishes found there.

    I do <3 the hand-drawn version of the Cupid's bow!

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