Three down, two to go! Oh yeah, and all the groomsmen…and two mothers' dresses too…

My plan is to get the finishing touches put on the rest of our wedding details by the end of this month (yeah, right)–and to start, I want to make sure everyone has something to wear! (Which is a bigger problem than one would think, because we still haven’t decided on if the guys will wear suits or tuxes.) But to start, here are the J. Crew dresses three of my bridesmaids have purchased:

I’d really like to keep the other two bridesmaids dresses in lighter, natural-looking shades, like beige, champagne, or peach. I’ve been trying to convince my older sister to buy this one from J. Crew:

But with no luck. She liked this one from Anthropologie, but now that it’s a sale item, I don’t know if it’s available in her size anymore. It’s a beautiful match for the color palette though:

And of course, I have no idea what we’ll find for Ms. E, whose baby is due the week after our wedding! Any suggestions for maternity bridesmaids dresses in similar colors?

Okay, that’s where we are with the ladies. Next up: the groomsmen.

We’d been planning on having the guys wear three-pieces suits in gray or beige–something light and not too formal. Like these:

Perfect for an outdoor wedding, no? But after some searching, Jon is starting to think we should stick with tuxes, because it’s easiest. I’m not crazy about that idea–how great do the guys look in the photos above?! And pairing groomsmen in tuxes with ladies in light-colored semi-formal dresses in a garden wedding? Not the best look, I’m sure. We just have to keep searching! Anyone know of a national chain suit shop that sells this kind of look? We haven’t had much luck so far.

And of course, there are the moms. My mom hasn’t found anything yet, and I don’t think Jon’s mom has either. I’ve started searching, but wow–it’s tough to find a MOB or MOG dress in this color palette! Sorry ladies :( Maybe something in a beige-colored lace, or a silvery gray chiffon? Or maybe if my sister doesn’t buy the beige J. Crew dress above, someone could wear that?

I have to admit though–I do like this dress from David’s bridal:

And this Tahari dress from Nordstrom–although is it wrong for a mother to wear white to her child’s wedding?

I think we have a lot more searching to do!


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