A few cute cake ideas…

For some reason, cakes are the one thing that either look super modern or awfully 80’s. It’s like there’s no in between. So if you’re going for a vintage but not quite rustic look, it’s hard to find a great design! In my experience, at least.

After sharing my cake tasting stories with you yesterday, I figured I should follow up with a couple images of cakes that caught my eye. Now, our cake design isn’t going to look anything like these, but I still think they’re great:

This photo comes from our photographer’s blog (which has been recently rebranded–check it out!). I love how the baker carried his design all the way up the cake into the topper. 

Here’s a similar cake I found on the knot. I love the bold colors. These days, you see so many just-plain-white cakes, this is a nice surprise!

This next one comes from a left-coast wedding (I sang with the bride in an opera at the Amherst Early Music Festival years ago). This one is delightfully sweet and summer-y:


That cake is super cute, if you ask me! But is still a little too girly for our tastes.

The cake design we picked from our bakery looks nothing like these–it’s beautifully simple, somewhat vintage, but still looks modern–and I’ve never seen anything like it before! But sorry, no pictures of our cake for now…it will be a surprise. :)

Now I only need to find a great cupcake design, a couple lidded glass cupcake plates,  and some of these:

French macarons! Of course, finding someone who makes these yummy almond, sugar, and egg white treats in North Carolina is going to be a bit of a challenge. Bring it on!


One Comment to “A few cute cake ideas…”

  1. Oh, Brooke, I love following your wedding adventure through your blogs!

    The stream cake featured on Cheyenne & Geoff’s site is actually from my friend’s (Julie) wedding – small word, huh?

    ‘m glad you stood up for yourself and left that toxic work environment :) Best wishes in your new life phase!

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