Wedding cake tasting = success!

Part One: The Quest for the Normal Wedding Cake

I can’t believe we put off the cake tasting for so long–it made for a really fun day, despite the fact that I couldn’t partake in any of the sweets! And for a couple of people who can never make decisions, I think we did a pretty good job picking what we want.

We had planned two tastings at bakeries that Jon found on Saturday with my mom and older sister (since I can’t eat gluten, I wanted to hear some opinions other than Jon’s on the cakes!) . We agreed to meet at the first bakery, because it was in High Point and we didn’t have time to pick everyone up on the way. So Jon and I followed our GPS without question until we realized we were almost there and it was taking us into a residential neighborhood. When we got to the part where it told us the destination was on the right, we saw a closed-up old house with a wrecked HVAC van in the driveway. Thinking, “this can’t be it,” Jon called the baker to check the address–and sure enough, this was where our cake tasting was! After making us stand on her front porch for a few minutes while yelling at us that she couldn’t find her shoes–and considering just taking off out of there so we wouldn’t get murdered in High Point–Elaine the baker let us in and sat us down in her living room, which was covered in all things wedding cake. My mom and sister showed up late, naturally, apparently after my mom drove the wrong way down a one-way street and got lost.

So this is what I most remember about the first cake tasting, which probably isn’t so good. Apparently Elaine’s rum cake was great, but her cakes were a bit too ornamented for our tastes, and her constant running around/scatterbrainedness overshadowed them. She was a sweet lady, but we decided to move on to the next bakery: Maxie B’s in Greensboro.

Maxie B’s was a completely different experience, which is probably why we’ve picked them. This cute little bakery already has a great reputation in town, although I’d never been, so I was excited to check it out. And with the cake tasting and consultation, we spent nearly two hours there!

Maxie B’s wedding cakes weren’t as artistic as Elaine’s, but they were simple and pretty, and that’s what we were going for. We picked a few flavors from the menu, and everyone (but me) dug in. By the time we were finished, two slices had completely disappeared–the “Raspberry Lady” and the fresh strawberry cake. Both are white cakes with fruit fillings that seem perfectly light for spring (even if the fruit isn’t in season yet), so we’ll have four alternating tiers of the two on April 30.

Now we’re on to the really fun part (for me, at least). It turns out Maxie B’s does offer a few gluten-free flavors, but they need to know to prepare them ahead of time (apparently Jon didn’t actually ask about the gluten-free options, so he assumed they didn’t have any…boys). So now I get to schedule a time to go back and do a tasting of my own to pick our gluten-free cupcakes! Hopefully that will go as smoothly as this tasting went.

A note to all you engaged ladies out there–I highly recommend doing the cake tasting at the beginning of the whole planning process. It’s fun, easy, and quick,  and you get to put a nice big check mark on your to-do list. Cheers to that!


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