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December 10, 2009


Sorry guys, I know haven’t been posted so much lately. Instead, I’ve been emailing vendors, trying to pick a menu, coordinating bridesmaid dresses, dealing with bridesmaids issues…the list goes on. Things are getting pretty frustrating–and I hate that! So I took some time out to find some pretty photos on my favorite blogs to share with you.

First up: this lovely collage of floral images from Style Me Pretty. This is sort of the look we’re going for–big blooms, delicate colors, and antique glassware. Apparently the fleur de lys glasses came from World Market! I will have to check that out. And I love love love chandeliers  hanging outside–I really like using things in nontraditional ways. I don’t think we could make this work at Graylyn (all the trees are too far away!), but I’d love to see someone else do this.

I also love this wedding dress by Saja, which I saw on Once Wed. (I even looked at Saja’s website to see if I could buy it for the rehearsal dinner!) It’s just so darn sweet! And a little whimsical and vintage. Perfect for a small seaside wedding ceremony in Sweden (see below):

I’ve also recently fallen in love with Southern Weddings Magazine. Unlike the typical wedding magazine, which usually consists of 2% useful information and 98% ads, Southern Weddings reads like one big blog, in print! They showcase real southern weddings, feature local vendors, and are just all around awesome. And I believe their office is in North Carolina (talk about my dream job)!

Next up–I really like this idea, which I saw on our photographer’s blog: Using picture frames, wooden numbers or letters from a craft store, and fun fabric or cardstock backgrounds. I’ve been thinking about making banners to mark off parts of our reception (like one that says “Smile Booth” for the photo booth area, one that says “Just Married” over the cake), but now that I’ve seen this, I might have to try something like it!


Okay, my last photo.  I’ve recently discovered another great photography blog: Caroline Ghetes. She’s another Charlotte wedding photographer, and I love what she does! How stunning is this engagement session photo?!

I admit, it’s a little weird for my taste (and Jon would never go for something like this–I’m pretty sure the pinwheels are as far as he’ll go for this wedding), but how great for this couple! This is more than just an engagement photo; it’s art.

Okay, that’s all I’ll bombard you with today. We’re going to be pretty busy for the next few days–a Christmas party with Jon’s coworkers, an all-day Catholic workshop on Saturday (yikes!), finishing addressing save-the-dates. Whew! I’ll try to keep you updated!