The new color palette

I wanted to share the inspiration behind the new color palette. My new favorite blog, The Perfect Palette, has been an amazing resource during my color palette overhaul. This color board really helped seal the deal on the new colors:

I recently discovered the Dessy Group’s pantone wedding site, where you can explore color options, order pantone color chips, and design inspiration boards for your own wedding. Of course, they do this so you can mix and match their own dresses and accessories, but it didn’t take me long to put together one for our wedding using the j. crew dresses we’ve been eying. What do you think?

Of course, one of my bridesmaids will be super-pregnant by the time April rolls around, so we’ll have to find something else for her. I’d love to find a very soft butter yellow dress for her–I think it’d be super cute and add another dimension to the bridesmaids dresses. But then again, it could be a bit too much, so we’ll just have to see!

I’m getting really excited about this color palette and these dresses! Does anyone else have any examples of bridesmaids in different dresses?

One Comment to “The new color palette”

  1. Love it Brooke! And congrats by the way…if I haven’t told you already!

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