Who knew flowers would be so tricky?

I know nothing about flowers. I have no idea which kind I want at my wedding wedding–in fact, I don’t care–as long as they are beautiful. What I’m really looking for is a florist who is inspired and creative and will listen to what I want–something wild and impulsive yet elegant and romantic–and then come up with something great. That should make things easy, right? Apparently not.

Last weekend Jon and I had our first visit with a possible florist.  We spoke for about 20 minutes, during which she basically asked me the same questions–to which my reply was, “I don’t really know.”  She never offered any suggestions, and when I asked to see some samples, she told me she didn’t have any photos.

WHAT?! What florist doesn’t take photos of her work? I was completely surprised by the whole experience.

I was so distraught when we left that I said, “Screw it. We’re right by the Fresh Market; they have flowers! Let’s go see what they can do.” And I’m so glad we did! Although the Fresh Market wasn’t a great option–you have to order your flowers by the case and aren’t guaranteed your color choices–the florist there was able to point me to a floral designer who has apparently won awards and been featured in magazines. And while I don’t yet know if she’s going to be what I’m looking for, she at least has a website with–surprise!–photos of her work. We have a meeting with her next week. :) I’m feeling better about things now.

In the meantime, I’ve been scouring the internet for photos of flowers I like. I think I’m leaning toward ones like ranunculus, peonies, double dutch tulips, and the like–and of course, pompon dahlias that aren’t in season in April! I might have to splurge a little in that case.

Here’s a peak at what I’ve been considering:

Beautiful, aren’t they? I love that just-picked-from-the-garden look. I hope the next florist can do something like this!


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2 Comments to “Who knew flowers would be so tricky?”

  1. Dear Brooke, I am stalking you (fondly).

    This is in part because one of my good friends & I have kind of a.. problem.. where we spend a great deal of time looking through wedding/reception photos of friends & acquaintances, and going off on tangents from there. Recently — like, two days ago recently — I came across the following:
    http://www.petalsedge.com/portfolio/bouquets.html (and in Old Town, no less?!)

    Also, seriously.. what florist doesn’t have some sort of portfolio?

  2. Thanks for the tip, Shauna! Their portfolio is really amazing! This is definitely helping restore my faith in florists (I haven’t been very impressed with them lately.)

    I hope things are going well! And you are more than welcome to stalk my blog anytime ;)

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