Who doesn't love a man in a suit?

You know, after all this talk about shoes and bridesmaids dresses, I haven’t given much thought to what Jon and his guys will wear!

So you probably already know that we’re having an evening wedding. And since I’ll be wearing a full-out ballgown (who’d have thought?), that means it will be a “formal” wedding. And traditionally, a formal evening wedding means the guys will be decked out in tuxes.

But Jon and I are far from traditional. We had been talking about letting the guys wear their own black suits and pairing them with warm yellow ties–a simple, classy, yet relaxed look. I think this would look great with the girls in their own gray dresses.

But yesterday my boss suggested something different: morning dress.

Ever heard of it? Me neither.

It turns out the Brits (they’ve got it all figured out) have a standard suit for formal affairs that happen before 6 p.m.–hence the term “morning dress.” Because clearly you need to wear a formal suit to the royal horse races and such. One that includes a cutaway jacket with tails and a top hat:

To be honest, I really like this look. The striped pants! How fun! We can pass on the top hat, but this suit looks great. Apparently this is normal daywear for formal events in Britain, particularly for the royal family:

Of course, just because I’d like to see Jon in this type of suit doesn’t mean I want to wear Camilla’s absurd hat!

I think I like morning dress more than Jon, and he’ll likely end up just wearing a black suit with everybody else. But isn’t it nice to know there’s a formal option beyond the tux? For any of you ladies getting married during the day, you might want to consider it. :)

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