Wedding dress is in!

“The dress” is here!

Well, not here. It’s at Nitsa’s Bridal.

And unfortunately, I can’t go get it yet. First I need to buy the shoes I’m going to wear with it so they can tailor it to fit that height. If they hadn’t told me the dress wouldn’t arrive until January, I might have bought my shoes already!  Whoops.

So now I’m left wondering–where can I find fun spring wedding shoes before Thanksgiving?!

I’m thinking I want something colored, maybe yellow or fuchsia or plum.

pinkshoes yellowshoes

And then I found this:


Where can I  find these fun peeptoes?! I love the pattern. Anyone have any suggestions? I could definitely use them.

Oh, on another note, we’ve scratched “register” off the to-do list! It took all afternoon and then a few hours to coordinate our lists, but I think we’re almost done! At least for now. Jon and I registered at Macy’s and Williams-Sonoma for your usual pots & pans, knife sets, and appliances–and I made a wish list at Anthropologie for quirky, fun, unique kitchen and bath stuff! Who knew you could do that? I really couldn’t help myself. I could live in that store.

You can find out more about wish lists at Anthropologie here.


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