Okay guys, get ready for a HUGE blog post.

I’ve been working on centerpiece ideas for a while now. When Jon and I chose to get married at Graylyn, we thought, “We’re splurging on the venue, so we can keep the rest of the decor minimal” (good advice from a former coworker). And keeping the decor minimal means not paying a florist $10,000 for flowers that are going to die anyway, which sounds like a good idea to me. So unless we chicken out, we are thinking of making the bouquets and centerpieces ourselves (I love putting beautiful things together). 

The idea is to keep it affordable and simple–but beautiful and unique! I spent most of my day at work on Friday scouring the internet for ideas (I work so hard these days). This is what I’ve come up with so far.

  • Succulents
    I had never even thought of these until I stumbled across some photos of another couple’s wedding, but now I am seriously considering them (they might be my number one choice right now). They don’t need much attention–succulents are basically cacti without the spikes–so we can start purchasing them now. Plus they are super eco-friendly, especially compared to bouquets of flowers imported from Ecuador that are going to die in a couple days anyway. I love the idea of living centerpieces. We could put several of them in one large bowl, or place them singly in small pots. Most are green, greenish-blue, or greenish-brown, but I have found some yellow and pink ones online. If we mixed these with some tall vases of dahlias and roses, it could be really pretty. 
  • Potted plants
    What’s great about these (other than the fact that they are living) is that they double as wedding favors.  The image below (lovingly borrowed from Real Simple Magazine) shows more succulents, but you could use other plants as well.    
  • Mismatched vintage vases
    I like the idea of these in old copper, pewter, silver, gold, any metal. Porcelain would work too. We could start collecting these from antique shops, flea markets, you name it.
  • Mismatched colored glass vases with a single bloom in each
    I think these are so elegant. And with only one bloom in each, they would definitely be affordable!    
  • Cylindrical glass vases (which are cheap!)
    These would be a great way to use different heights. I’m imagining slender vases of alternating heights, some clear, some frosted, and combined with candleholders of the same shape (and of course, alternating heights.) I like the simpleness of this idea.    
    Of course, there are some variations: 1) wrap each vase with ribbon or alencon lace (my dress is made with alencon lace), which could be too frou frou for us, and 2) wrap each cylinder with anaglypta, which is textured wallpaper–we could use a metallic or white, which could look really elegant.


  • Antique milk bottles
    People actually collect these! Strange. I like this, but it might be too rustic for our venue. 
  • Antique tins
    Love this, but again, it might be too rustic for our venue. And what if they weren’t waterproof? Whoops…    
  • Terrariums
     Jon doesn’t love this idea, but I think it’s great. It might not be a good match for our venue, but it’s worth considering. And of course, these could double as favors for guests.     
    How charming! With three or four on each table, how can anyone not like this look? 
  • Mugs and glasswear with our monogram or initials
    I don’t have an image of this in practice, but I found some mugs at that would work:
  • Moss
    This seems kind of neat, and I’ve never seen it done before.    
  • Mismatched vintage sugar bowls and creamers filled with flowers
    I don’t have any photos of this; I just thought it up while perusing etsy. I like how low key it would be.

Whew! That’s A LOT of ideas. Now which way to go?


One Comment to “Centerpieces”

  1. These photos are beautiful! We’ve used some of them in our latest post @ No Impact Bride. Hope you don’t mind.


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