More color palette talk

So far the gray bridesmaids dresses seem to be a hit! But it looks like some people are having a hard time picturing that “vintage” color palette. So I want to explain.

Since I’m over the champagne, the dark plum, and the bright colors (none of those feel right for our wedding at Graylyn), I decided, screw it, who says we have to have a traditional two-color palette? Everyone seems to be doing pink and green, black and white, black and ANYTHING. I want more. And I found it.

Green Wedding Shoes posted some photos of a make-believe vintage inspired wedding set up so aspiring photographers could get some practice–and they are beautiful! Here are a couple from her site for you to enjoy:



Graylyn would be a perfect venue to do something like this! I doubt we’ll go so far–I sure won’t be dragging mismatched vintage chairs over there–but we could definitely use these colors: ivory, champagne, shades of gray, soft teal, sage green, plum, pink, peach.  I think the bridesmaids could wear their own gray chiffon dresses and carry light pink/plum nosegays.  It’s simple, light, and elegant–which is exactly how I’d like to get married. Cheers to that!


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