Okay, I'm really getting into the gray…

I know Jon doesn’t care for it (I think he’s worried it will look drab), but I’m LOVING the idea of bridesmaids dresses in shades of gray (and of course, we’ll use plenty of accents in vibrant colors). I love the idea of the girls picking out their own looks, and gray will be an easier color to coordinate. And it’s flattering! Check out these awesome combinations:



I’m not sure where the dresses in the top photo are from, but the set in the second photo is Priscilla of Boston. I might even buy the one on the left for myself…I love love love it.

Still working out the rest of the color palette–should we pair shades of gray with bright, vibrant colors? Or should we keep it cool with a more vintage color scheme: gray, champagne, pink, plum, light greens, blues, and browns? I really hate making decisions. Will post more pictures soon!


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