Still working on the band…

Sorry guys, no real news to tell about our wedding planning! We’re still trying to decide on a band.  For now I’ve got quotes and recommendations from our contact at East Coast Entertainment (ECE), who didn’t seem all there yesterday when I spoke with him, but I suppose it was listening after all–today he called to say that Ms. Jones (of Ms. Jones and the Velvetones) is no longer with the band, and they’ve changed their name (to what, I don’t know).  So given the changes they’re going through and the fact that they didn’t really have the best play list, they’re out! Makes things a little easier, I suppose.  Thanks to Mere and Blair who suggested them though!

On a more pleasant note (and a little advice to those planning their own weddings, ahem, KK): turns out Friday night weddings are a great bargaining chip to get good entertainment for less.  Our ECE guy said we could put in an offer about $1k less than what they’re getting for Saturday weddings, which is good to hear.

Jon and I are heading off to a friend’s mountain house in GA for the long weekend, so check back later–I hope to have good news (and be done with all the wedding band selection) by Monday!

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