Do wedding bands compete for the worst name?

Okay, we’re making progress on the wedding band. Jon and I have been researching local bands online–which really isn’t the same as auditioning them! But for now, here’s our list of contenders:

Stoneage Romeos
I’m kind of leaning toward this one.
Brown Eyed Girl as sung by the Stoneage Romeos

Sweetwater Junction
They’ve got Jon’s favorite song list (aside from the Party Nuts’, but I’m vetoing because they look way too creepy to perform at a wedding reception!) The catch? Sweetwater Junction is based in Atlanta, and bringing them up here could be super expensive. Worth it?

Skate Rink Jukebox
Did they let their kids name their band?

Ms. Jones and the Velvetones
An old college buddy hired the Velvetones for her wedding, and she recommends them. They don’t really have the song list we’re looking for though.

Orange Krush
One of the first bands we found.

Take a look (or listen), and send us your thoughts!


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